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Photovoltaic Panels

photovoltaic solar panel installation and maintenance

Our photovoltaic solar panels are created and manufactured to generate the maximum electricity possible from the suns UV radiation.

Each system installed is designed specifically for your property and your needs, along with a 25 Year Perfromance Warranty, and 100% legalisation.

Start saving up to 70% off your electricity bills.

Solar Water Heating

solar panels for water heating

From 100 to 1000 litres, a compact 'Hot Water System' can be installed to most properties.

Extremely efficient slimline units can provide 'ALL YEAR ROUND' hot water.

Alternatively, you can install seperate water tanks for greater usage, in a suitable position within your property.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar powered pool heating Spain

We supply and install bespoke systems for your individual needs, to prolongue your swimming season.

By utilising a pool pump, warmer water can be discharged back into your pool, until a comfortable temperature is reached.


Suppliers and installers of Photovoltaic Solar Panels for residential and commercial use.

Market leading products installed by registered, regulated and trained fitting teams.

Photovoltaic products carry a 25 year Performance Warranty and a 10 year Product Guarantee.